Discovery-enriched Curriculum

In teaching and learning, the Department of English has been at the forefront of two of the University's most important initiatives: the development of the Discovery-Enriched Curriculum and the enhancement of the English communication skills of students. In accordance with the University's Strategic Plan, the Department has taken the lead in coordinating and improving English language teaching in the University. It has also taken steps to develop innovative modes of teaching that foster creativity and critical thinking. Courses in the Department are designed around discovery-based learning in which students work together to generate original creative products such as video documentaries, weblogs, dramatic performances, and creative publications.

Halfway Home

At City University students not only have the opportunity to explore and express their ideas through a variety of creative media, they also have the chance to contribute, or indeed edit, our collection of the best undergraduate writing, in Halfway Home. Published regularly since 2011, Halfway Home is a student edited journal, featuring poetry, essay, fiction and creative nonfiction from faculty and teachers, including John Wall Barger, Justin Hill, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, and Margaret Webster, as well as work from tutors and students.

Some of our undergraduate writers have also gone on to be published on the Asia Literary Review blog.


The English Department Theatre Production

The English Department Theatre Production is a student-run project that takes the study of drama from page to stage. The pioneer project - Museum by Tina Howe - took place in November 2014 and was loved by students, faculty and theatre enthusiasts alike.

The production team of five students worked under Dr. Peter Jordan's supervision to actualise different ways to creatively display the talents of student actors from the Department's Drama Workshop. The team also explored innovative social media promotion, using both Facebook and Instagram.

This project was awarded championship in DEC Competition 2015 organized by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).