Important note

Any student would like to declare a minor should take at least half of the coursework at the Department. That is 8 out of 15 credit units for a minor. In this connection, coursework exemption or credit transfer should be limited to a maximum of 7.


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Programme of study

Required course (3 credits)
EN3525English in corporate and professional communicationB33PDF file
Electives (12 credits)
EN2302Corporate training in English languageB23PDF file
EN2401Language in law and crimeB43PDF file
EN2855Image management for professionalsB23PDF file
EN3321Public speaking and presentations in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3513Promotional writing in EnglishB33PDF file
EN4505Cross-cultural organisational communicationB43PDF file
EN4512Management communication in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4519Public relations writing in EnglishB33PDF file
EN4527Professional and corporate discourseB43PDF file
EN4563Writing for managementB43PDF file
EN4564Strategic business communication in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4565Negotiation in professional contextsB43PDF file

Not all electives can be offered in any one year.