In addition to the elective courses listed, students are allowed to take any other undergraduate courses offered by the English Department, provided that such changes are approved by the BAEP Programme Committee.

Programme of study - 2012 and 2013 cohort

1. Gateway education

Distributional area requirements

All BAEP students are qualified as Advanced Standing II. Please visit the gateway education website for course information about distributional area requirements.

English attainment requirement
Discipline-specific English
GE2404Asian literature in EnglishB23PDF file
GE2405Creative writingB23PDF file
GE2406Shakespeare: Introduction to geniusB23PDF file
GE2407Reading lives, writing selves: Autobiography and cultureB23PDF file
GE2408Travel writing: Discovery and experienceB23PDF file
GE2409Words and images: Reading and writing in the 21st CenturyB23PDF file
GE3401Exploring English CinemaB33PDF file
Chinese language requirement*
GE1501Chinese civilisation - History and philosophyB23PDF file

*Students are required to satisfy the Chinese Language Requirement as follows:

1.Students with an HKDSE score below 4 in Chinese, or an HKALE AS Chinese Language and Culture score below D
(The 3 credit units of the Chinese course will NOT be counted towards the minimum credit units required for graduation and will NOT be included in the calculation of CGPA.)
3 credits
2.Students with an HKDSE score of 4 or above in Chinese or an HKALE AS Chinese Language and Culture score D or above, or those who have successfully completed the 3-credit unit Chinese courseNone
3.Students whose qualifications do not fall within (i) and (ii) aboveNone

2. Programme core

EN2323World EnglishesB23PDF file
EN2405Advanced reading and writing skillsB33PDF file
EN2408Advanced speaking and listening skillsB33PDF file
EN2701Languages, cultures and communicationB23PDF file
EN2711The structure of EnglishB23PDF file
EN2848Language and digital mediaB23PDF file
EN3329Discourse and pragmaticsB33PDF file
EN3504Intercultural communicationB33PDF file
EN3525English in corporate and professional communicationB33PDF file
EN4527Professional and corporate discourseB43PDF file

3. Programme electives

EN2295Effective English tutoringB23PDF file
EN2302Corporate training in English languageB23PDF file
EN2304English and Chinese in contrastB23PDF file
EN2319Introduction to English poetryB23PDF file
EN2321Modern and contemporary fictionB23PDF file
EN2322Creative writingB23PDF file
EN2411Language in the mediaB23PDF file
EN2412Collaboration in professional communication B23PDF file
EN2502Language in social interactionB23PDF file
EN2709Introduction to English literary and cultural studiesB23PDF file
EN2801Popular culture and social lifeB23PDF file
EN2808Introduction to English film studiesB23PDF file
EN2818Gay and feminist literatureB23PDF file
EN2819Hong Kong language and societyB23PDF file
EN2832Popular music and social lifeB23PDF file
EN2837Communicating fashion cultureB23PDF file
EN2842Shakespeare: Introduction to geniusB23PDF file
EN2855Image management for professionalsB23PDF file
EN3306How languages are learnedB33PDF file
EN3307Teaching English: grammar and vocabularyB33PDF file
EN3310Strategies in creative communication projectsB33PDF file
EN3321Public speaking and presentations in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3327Drama workshopB33PDF file
EN3511Professional communication internshipB33PDF file
EN3513Promotional writing in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3560Technical writing and document designB43PDF file
EN3561Advertising copywriting in EnglishB33PDF file
EN3572Fiction writingB33PDF file
EN4505Cross-cultural organisational communicationB43PDF file
EN4519Public relations writing in EnglishB43PDF file
EN4525Gender discourseB43PDF file
EN4528Multimodal and mediated discourseB43PDF file
EN4563Writing for managementB43PDF file