Department of English


New Technologies and the Future of the Humanities is a three-day roundtable providing a small group of scholars from across the globe a venue to discuss innovative research and collaboration happening in the Digital Humanities. From our perspective, the Digital Humanities is an inclusive term emphasizing interdisciplinarity and building with new media in humanities fields.

This year's roundtable will consist of three topics: Digital Pedagogy, Digital Literature, and Visualization. We believe that bringing internationally recognized speakers together to address these topics will encourage cross-disciplinary partnerships and reveal connections across various departments invested in new media.

We aim for this roundtable to be fun and imaginative. We will encourage creative presentations and interactive or exhibition-style talks. Most events for the roundtable will occur on campus at City University of Hong Kong, including a digital poetry exhibit on Friday the 16th of May. We will also host a public lecture at a local museum on Saturday evening, the 17th. We hope that you will join us and that this roundtable will inspire your work.

If you are interested in attending our roundtable, registration opens in late January. Since we intend to limit the number of participants to allow for close collaboration and extended discussion, please complete the required forms and submit your payment promptly to ensure a spot at the roundtable.


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